Unbridled Coaching

Explore who you are and how you lead through the nonverbal magic of connecting with a horse.

Why horses?

Equus Coaching combines traditional life coaching methods with the intuitive nature of horses. The horse essentially acts as a mirror, reflecting our fears, our strengths and our impact on others.  Horses have survived for millions of years through their instincts which give them the innate ability to recognize potential danger as well as relate and adapt to their surroundings.  They have the uncanny ability to reflect your behavior showing you how it affects others, without judgment. The information you glean from being with horses can greatly improve your relationship with yourself and others, help you gain clarity or advance your goals, and enhance your overall sense of well-being.


What to expect in a session?

Sessions begin with pre-work to understand your objectives and concerns. You will then have the opportunity to interact with the horse, using structured and unstructured ground exercise. Periodically, I’ll check in with you to see how things are feeling.  I’ll ask question and offer observations to explore how you can build on and bring clarity to what feels good and shift what doesn’t.  Then, you’ll have time to be with the horse again. 

Much of your time with the horse is conducted in silence, “in wordlessness”.  You’ll have a chance to reflect on what you can bring back into your life from the experience.  Then you can honor your time with the horse and we’ll bring the session to a close.  You need no experience with horses and will not be riding them.  I will guide you through everything to need to know to have a safe and unique experience. 

The Power of Experience

“I wasn’t born and bred a horse girl, but I have found working with them truly magical. Life lessons that may have taken years for me to understand in therapy or talking to friends, became accessible and intuitive in a round pen with an unbridled horse. Learning to be with a horse in this way took me out of my head and into my body and allowed me to play with how subtle shifts inside of me created very different experiences with the horse. For me the lessons were unforgettable, I felt how it feels to be authentically connected and engaged with another being and I can create that state time and again.”

- Beth Hahn Shoemaker