Unbridled Lead

Private Equus Sessions + Group Workshops for parents, teens, + teachers

explore who you are and how you lead through the nonverbal magic of connecting with a horse

What is Equus?

Koelle Simpson is the woman behind the type of Equus Coaching I do. She is both soft spoken and unbelievably powerful. Her wisdom, much of which she learned through horses, is transformative.


Why Horses?

Oprah Magazine, visited Koelle Simpson at her ranch and captured a few of the gifts of Equus Coaching in this 2 minute read,  "Meet Your New Therapist"

The link below will bring you to a TED talk by Koelle Simpson, an internationally recognized Master Equus Coach and founder of the Koelle Institute.  In her 12 minute talk, Koelle describes the powerful lessons we can learn about ourselves by working with horses and the impact those lessons can have on how we live and how we lead.