certified life coach | mind-body yoga instructor | leadership educator

Hi.  I'm Beth.  

I'm a passionate woman committed to creating a life I love. I work with women and girls on a similar path,  helping them feel rooted in what's most important and creating a life that reflects it.  

I'm also an educator. I have an insatiable love of learning new things and sharing great information with others. I took time off from teaching when my girls were young, but a few years ago I was ready to shake things up and put myself back on the map. Not sure I wanted to go back to traditional education, I followed my curiosity and became a mind-body yoga instructor, a Girl's Leadership educator, and a Martha Beck life coach.

Now I'm using the knowledge and tools I've gained to support women and girls in creating lives where they are competent, connected, and undeniably authentic. 

Please check out my programs and offerings.  If your curiosity is calling, jump right in, and we can set up a free 30 minute consultation.

“I want every woman to know how extraordinary she is, 

and help her create a life that reflects it.”  - Beth

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rooted + radiant 

Rooted + Radiant is the theme of my coaching programs.  They are designed to connect women with themselves so they feel rooted in their truth and radiant in their body.  When women are aligned in this way, we are capable of more than we could ever imagine.  Dreams definitely take hustle, but they come to life quickly if we are ready for them.

personal coaching

Personal coaching weaves together pieces of my programs to create a special experience that meets each client's unique needs, desires, and personality. 



"Beth has the presence and stature of a leader.  Leading groups, she's articulate and prepared.  Managing change, she has an inner compass to stay on course and on purpose.  She brings warmth and humor to every circle in which she operates, and I feel privileged to be her colleague and friend."  

Adelaide Waters, Women's Forum Founder


Just as we know the ocean because it always tastes of salt, we can recognize enlightenment because it always tastes of freedom. - Buddha


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Deepen your connection to you.