Intro to Wild + Sacred Living

3 evenings workshops

November + December 2018

this Wild + sacred workshop series is a playful + decadent journey

into knowing yourself and developing personal practices to enliven your soul. It's often difficult to navigate the melee of modern life - career decisions, parenting demands, relationship stress, political unrest, and a barrage of choices and information.  As women, many of us are wearing so many hats they can be stacked ten high upon our heads, and other times we can feel rudderless and isolated.  

Wild + Sacred is about letting go of the rules that have trained and tamed your spirit.  This course gives you a chance to explore how life shifts when you are tuned in and turned on.  When we tune into our truth, our intuition and instincts guide us: decisions come more easily, stress and overwhelm can be quieted, words and actions flow, and we are surprisingly effective.  When we turn-on our radiance, the vibrancy and clarity behind our actions become undeniable.  And because the world responds like both a mirror and a magnet, we become and create more than we can imagine.  


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Gathering dates and times

Wednesday, November 14th 6-8pm

Wednesday, November 28th 6-8pm

Wednesday, December 12th 6-8pm

it's a unique opportunity

As a member of this wild + sacred group, you will be supported and coached as you play with the course material and develop your own practices that connect you with your intuition and spark your natural instincts.  And while I'm here to teach and guide you, each woman participating brings a breadth of wisdom that will enhance the program creating a unique and powerful experience for everyone involved. 

There will definitely be power + magic in this intimate group of women.  


 If you're saying "Hell Yes!" 

 You're already following your instincts.

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Preview of the January 2019 wild + sacred living course

Our first week together will be personal.  We'll have a one-on-one check-in call where we'll shed some light on where you are being challenged and discuss what you want get out of the course. During the following months, we'll gather for eight workshops.  Each workshop blends yoga practices, teaching, discussion, and experiential activities.   Our eighth week and final gathering, will be a celebration to delight your senses and honor you.  Each element of the course is designed to help you develop reliable practices and ways of being that subtly, but powerfully transform the way you live. 

the full course experience includes

 a welcome packet, including a copy of the book Diana, Herself

a 30 minute check-in call before the course begins

8 two and a half hour workshops filled with yoga, unique teachings, + thought provoking discussions

8 weekly emails, with an overview of the next class and personal check-in questions

a private Facebook group for community sharing, inspiration, questions and guidance

an optional package of 3 one hour coaching sessions for an additional $225

+ a gorgeous final Ceremony with a delicious culinary celebration!


the 8 week Workshop series

Root: Gather, connect, and learn the basic framework of wild + sacred living.

Relax: Calm your mind and body, connect to your intuition, and make peace with what is.

Nourish: Learn to trust your intuition and to stop feeding yourself poison.

Move: Connect with your breath and let your instinct move you.

Love: Surround yourself in beautiful practices of love for yourself and others.

Truth: Discover the depth of your truth and explore ways of expressing it with others.

Wisdom + Flow: Explore how curiosity, creativity, and play bring us into flow.