Wild + Sacred Retreats

Fall 2018

There is a wild + sacred story unfolding in each of you.

Your wisdom, radiance, and innate gifts are lighting you up and inspiring you to act. Are you ready to jump in and see where it leads? The path forward is to dive deep into exploring what you love, consciously showing up, and leaning into what’s wildly improbable, but totally possible.

Within a powerful circle of sisterhood, we will play with creative tools to uncover your path and put your story into action. In the end, you will be guided from a place of deep knowing, moved by inspiration, and supported by amazing women. Can’t wait to see how our stories unfold!

“What will you do with your one wild + precious life?”

- Mary Oliver

Monthly retreats

The first Monday of each month, we will spend mornings at Avalanche Ranch for yoga with Lucy Roginski*, to play in nature, and soak in the hot springs. At noon, we will gather at my house for lunch and sink into a few hours of self discovery, artistic journaling, and conversation. Each month tracks closely with the new moon, so we will also take the opportunity to step back and acknowledge the previous month and move intentionally into the next.

Your Experience Includes

wild + sacred sisterhood 

a welcome packet for the artist + author in you

+ 8 day long retreats to nourish + reflect

8 yoga classes with Lucy Roginski*

soaking in Avalanche Hot Springs

sacred time in nature

thought provoking workshops

artistic journaling

+ soulful monthly ceremonies

*Lucy’s classes will be public

Time, Dates, + location

Retreats are from 8:45am - 3pm the first Monday of each month at Avalanche Ranch + my living room.

Monday, March 4th

Monday, April 1st

Monday, May 6th

Monday, June 3rd

Monday, November 5th

Monday, December 3rd

Monday, January 7th

Monday, February 4th

the space between

We will provide you with ideas for enriching your month - with artists dates, readings, partner work, and new moon art explorations. If you choose, I can help you organize mid-month gatherings hosted by other members of your tribe.

Pricing and payment options

Option 1: one payment of $400 before November 1st, and 6 automatic payments of $100 December - May

Option 2: payment in full of $950 before November 1st

Option 3: a punch pass of 5 for $650 before November 1st