Journey to Radiance

begins Wednesday, January 9th

From quiet beauty of deep winter through the first celebrations of summer,

this women's group will bring you home to your essence time and again.  Often, we don't carve out enough sweet moments to be still and nourish ourselves.  Forging ahead seems like our only option to get through all the tasks and people that need our attention.  Now more than ever, women need sacred time to slow down and learn skills that weren't taught in school.  Then with playfulness and goddess like power, we can become the strong, radiant women we truly are.

There's no secret recipe or one size fits all solution, but ideally life can feel like surfing.  We don't need to spend a lot of time getting hammered in the breakers nor do we need to stick safely to the shore, but we can learn to skillfully handle whatever comes our way.  

This experience is designed for women with the curiosity and the courage to blaze a new path.  During our five months together, you'll deepen your intuition, hone your natural instincts, and find your flow.  The content will without a doubt transform the way you show up in the world.  You will come home to a natural state of being that feels deliciously true.

The Dahli Lama said, “The world will be saved by the Western woman.”

If we want to create a better world for ourselves, our families, + our future,

we need to take care of ourselves and step into what’s possible.

Time to invest in you. 

Golden Compass.jpg

Yoga, Art, + life

Every month we will gather for a morning workshop centered around essential elements of authentic living.  At first, we'll focus on creating ease and expanding awareness by exploring your thoughts and building your inner compass.  Once you've gain clarity on the inside, we'll move into aligning your life experiences and self expression to powerfully reflect who you are and what's important to you.  Finally, we'll play with tools to help you step into flow and feel connected to the juiciness of being alive.  Each gathering there will be opportunities to check-in about previous material, explore new topics, and play with exercises designed to integrate new concepts into your life.

Erin Rigney, a talented local artist, and Cari Eisenson, owner and yoga instructor at Kula, will join me guiding the group gathering in either art or yoga.  These gifted guides will give you beautiful practices to get out of your head and plug you deep into your inner wisdom.  The internal shifts available during our seven months together are best experienced fully - with mind, body, and spirit.  

  Your Experience Includes

 nourishing + artistic welcome packet

30 minute private check-in after our first gathering

New Year Retreat Jan 7th

thought provoking teaching guide

10 workshops of teachings, activities and discussions

monthly practice prompts and outreach

and a Celebration Retreat!


it’s a unique opportunity

Each woman in this circle brings a breadth of wisdom and experience that will add to the magic of the group.  Together we'll create a unique + powerful tribe dedicated to supporting each other in our crazy, incredible journeys.  


 Elegance, strength, simplicity, creativity, playfulness, flow

Your time is now. be RADIANT.

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Themes + dates for workshop gatherings

Personal check-ins: December 14th - January 4th

Opening Retreat:  Wednesday, January 9th (9-3pm)

Root:  Wednesday, January 9th + January 23rd

Nourish: Wednesday, February 6th + February 20th

Be Moved: Wednesday, March 6th + March 20th

Love: Wednesday, April 10th + April 24th

Express: Wednesday, May 8th + May 22nd

Flow + Celebrate: All Day Retreat Wednesday, May 28th

Timing + Location  

Classes will be held from 8:45am - 11:45pm

Retreats will be all day from 9am - 3pm

Pricing + payment options

Option 1: Early bird discount payment of $1,400 before December 1st (save $200)

Option 2: Deposit and Installments - one payment of $500 before Friday, December 14th to reserve your spot + six automatic payments of $165 January 4th - May 5th. (save $100)

Option 3: Full payment of $1600 by Friday, December 14th

it’s A sensory treat for your soul

This journey is a powerful women's retreat stretched out over seven months.  Your life becomes your playground for growth as you experiment with new ideas and new tools.  The group and our gatherings becomes your touchstone to keep you grounded and connected.  We all know change can't happen over night, we are a work in progress and creating a new path requires care and attention.  

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art by Erin Rigney