Why Me?


I create a safe and caring space for my clients. 

While we will have fun together, our playfulness will never overshadow your need to be seen, heard, and understood.  I will always hold a compassionate space for you.  I’ll help you tune into your intuition and support you in trusting yourself.

I help clients release stories that keep them feeling small or stuck.

People tend to sweep painful thoughts under the rug and/or allow them to unintentionally run their lives.  Even if they notice painful stories, limiting beliefs, and triggers, many people don't know how to let go of them.  I work with my clients to gently shed light on these unhelpful stories and release the power of their grip.  When this happens, a deep sense of peace and freedom can be found.  

I help clients explore how small changes and new perspectives open a world of possibilities. 

You'll often find my nose in a book or my speakers tuned into a smart, inspirational world leaders.  I love Brene Brown, Malcolm Gladwell, Martha Beck, Koelle Simpson, Desmond Tutu and the Dahlia Lama to name a few favorites.  These leaders illuminate deep patterns that explain why we do the things we do and identify key changes we can make to improve our lives.  By studying their work, I enjoy helping clients make subtle internal shifts and understand new frameworks that ultimately change the landscape of their lives.  

I see the best in you.

I'm here to see you as the beautiful, courageous person that you are.  No matter what.  I'm here to see the stories beneath your sadness, frustration, or shame, and recognize the person overflowing with the boundless potential to making your crazy ass dreams come true.  

I help you become a catalyst.  

I love to play with fire...  fires need: oxygen, fuel, and spark.   I will help you breathe.  I will help your breath space into your body, around your thoughts, and in between the activities of your day.  As for fuel?  Fuel is abundant, and it feels good when it burns.  We can burn just about anything: your old stretched out underwear, a story that keeps you small, or a new dream that wants to be unleashed.  And spark?  That's my speciality.  I like to listen, and I can hear what sparks your soul.  Let's fan the flames inside of you.  It's time to set your life on fire.

My ultimate mission... 

To teach women and girls they have the power to write the story of their lives

+ subsequently change the world. 

Beth Hahn Shoemaker

is building an integrative program that connects people to their power and supports them in dynamically changing in the world.  She loves to see women and girls awaken their greatness.     

Beth walks her talk. She's on her own journey - growing a thriving business, raising dynamic daughters, rejuvenating her marriage, and is becoming a prominent voice for women's leadership.

When she’s not coaching, writing, or teaching, you can find her dancing in her kitchen or in the middle of the wilderness. She lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband Sloan, aka the Big Guy, and her horse obsessed daughters Stella and Sadie.

Training + Experience

  • World Leadership School Instructor 2019

  • Equus Coach training at the Koelle Institute 2017/2018

  • Certified Martha Beck Life Coach 2016

  • Women’s Forum Moderator and Board Member, Aspen 2015/2017

  • Girls Leadership Educator, Colorado 2013/2017

  • Integrative Yoga Certification, True Nature Healing Arts, Carbondale 2013

  • Authentic Leadership Certification, Naropa University, Boulder 2002

  • Wilderness First Responder with Wilderness Medicine Institute 1997

  • Outward Bound Educator Course Rocky Mountains 1996

  • Secondary Education Teaching Certificate, University of Denver 1995

  • National Outdoor Leadership Semester in Alaska 1993

  • BA in Sociology & Public Policy, University of Denver 1993

  • Basic & Advanced Leadership Training, LifeSpring Minneapolis 1990 & Washington DC 1992

  • Over the last 20 years, Beth has logged countless hours coaching, teaching, tutoring, volunteering, and leading and contributing to boards. Her passion is to create interesting conversations and adventures where ever she goes.